Ryan Scott had a dream season

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Brockville Ontario Speedway Driver Ryan Scott Wins Two Titles in 2018

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Indeed, the 34-year-old driver in the class Sportsman on clay had a dream season. After four seasons of tenacity, Ryan Scott of Brighton, Ontario, is enjoying his first championship at the Paul Kirkland Brockville Ontario Speedway and the Ogilvies Triple Crown series.

To do this, Ryan has been consistent in winning three wins, 13 tops 5 and 14 tops 10 in 15 starts. The championship was played in the final, as rival Johnathon Ferguson was second, with only three points clear — a nice rivalry between these two drivers throughout the season. Ryan adds, “Johnathon Ferguson is my favorite driver, we respectfully challenge each other.” In addition, to top it off, Ryan wins the Ogilvies Triple Crown Series in the same season.

He is a talented driver who does not always receive merit. In recent seasons, I have witnessed his driving at “Bullring” and I can say that Ryan is a clean rider on the track. Ryan is the type of professional pilot we would like to have in our yard.

On board his Sportsman 33, Ryan will be back in 2019 on the Brockville Ontario Speedway (BOS) to defend his championship. “I plan to stay at Sportsman at BOS for the foreseeable future. Unless a team wants me, whether I’m their driver or a sponsor wants to give me a motor.”

A versatile and winning driver all the way! If we look closely at his statistics, we can see that Ryan has won several championships. His first championship was held at Can Am in 2006 in the IMCA category. In 2009, Ryan was named Modified Athlete IMCA at the Thunder Alley Speedway, in 2010 at Cam Am Speedway and, in 2012, at Brewerton Speedway. In 2013, Ryan made the leap into the Canadian Modified class where he won two seasons in a row at the Brighton Speedway. It is in 2015 that Ryan drove a Sportsman and, in 2018, we know his results — BOS Championship and the Triple Crown series.

This success, Ryan owes it to his parents when at the age of 5, he entered the BMX. After three successful seasons on two wheels, his father wanted to see how his son would manage on four wheels.

Like the majority of pilots, Ryan is from Karting, and has since continued to grow. Ryan has about thirty years of competition and maturity that serves him well today.

During all these successful years, Ryan is aware that without the support of many people this would not have been possible. “I would like to thank my team: dad, mom, Carl and John. Thank you to my sponsors for their generosity and to my family and friends for their support. Thanks to all our fans, and of course to my biggest fan: my girlfriend.”

Good luck to Ryan Scott in 2019 from all the 360nitro.tv team!

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