Is this the Year for Ryan Stabler at Cornwall ?

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Ryan Stabler has grown up around Cornwall Motor Speedway’s Sunday night racing action and is once again getting things ready to continue this family tradition, now days behind the wheel of his number 77 Sportsman Modified.

This story began years back as a young boy, where Ryan and his father would venture down the old Cornwall Centre Road to the speedway, joined many times by his friend Corey Wheeler and his dad, to catch in the Sunday racing action at the Cornwall Motor Speedway.

This Sunday night ritual was repeated throughout their childhood until in their mid-teens, Ryan and his best friend Corey would start helping out Brian “Slim” McDonald on the 151 car.

Ryan would continue to help out his newfound team for several years until Corey Wheeler started to campaign a Pro Stock in 2007. Ryan quickly hopped onboard Corey Wheeler’s team to help out.

Ryan would continue to help Cory with the Pro Stock car until the day he decided he would get into the game.

In 2010, Ryan decided it was time to follow his dream and campaigning in the Pro Stock division at Cornwall Motor Speedway, something he has always wanted to do.

Ryan would continue to race the Pro Stock division for several years, battling alongside his good friend Corey Wheeler.

As the Pro Stock ranks were diminishing locally and Corey had already moved up into the Sportsman ranks, Ryan decided to move up into the Sportsman ranks for the 2014 season.

That first season in Sportsman proved that Ryan had found his calling and finished fourth in points at the Cornwall Motor Speedway championship.

For 2015, Ryan put racing a bit on the back burner to concentrate more on his business at RSI Industrial in Cornwall, Ontario, where they have a full range of compressors with compressor service, custom hose assemblies, ECO certified cleaning products, fittings, hoses, hydraulics and much more.

By 2016, Ryan was back in full race mood and would finish in the top four in points for the next four seasons at either Mohawk International Raceway or at his home track of Cornwall Motor Speedway.

The 2018 and 2019 seasons were the best seasons so far for Ryan who had steadily shown that even though he had a small low budget team. Ryan ran with the best of them.

Ryan explains: “2019 was our third time finishing runner-up at either Cornwall or Mohawk. We picked up one win and many second places. I’m sure if we went through all the races we probably led the most laps at Cornwall. Unfortunately, we didn’t lead all the right ones!! I’m excited to get back to racing as I loved the new race format we had last year at Cornwall. It made the heat races mean something again as you needed to be in a drawing spot. Just wish more tracks would adapt to this system.”

As Ryan prepares for the 2020 season, this may be the year where everything falls into place, and Ryan finally brings home the championship trophy. Ryan explains: “I would love to say the championship doesn’t matter but I would be lying. I love racing regardless but the championship at Cornwall would be a long-time dream come true. I was able to pick up a number one speed championship at Mohawk a few years back but I would love to win one at my home track of Cornwall.”

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