Jessica Power – Want to be Top Challenger !

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Jessica Power – Looking to be Top Challenger at Cornwall and Brockville Speedways

It’s been 18 years since Jessica Power was introduced to the world of Dirt Track Racing, and after all those years of hard work and learning her skills as a driver she now has her eyes on a championship.

The 2015 season was definitely the breakthrough year for Jessica Power racing. That season, Jessica demonstrated that the race program had finally paid off. She challenged hard for the three-track championships that year. The closest of which was at the Can-Am Speedway, where she came in just one point shy of a championship. Jessica also had an outstanding season at the Brockville Speedway, finishing third in points. She was also a challenger at the Cornwall Motor Speedway, coming home with a fourth-place finish. It was a banner year for Team 52. For 2021, Jessica is looking to top those results.

For the last number of years, the team has been racing Weedsport Speedway, Can-Am, and the Fulton Speedway (their home track for several seasons).

Last season, however, was a bit of a bust with the border being closed, therefore, they had no access to their weekly tracks. Therefore, they set their eyes closer to home with Brockville Speedway and Cornwall Motor Speedway.

Because of the COVID situation, neither track had a point chase for a championship. This did not stop the veteran driver from looking for her next win. Jessica picked up two victories both at the Brockville Ontario Speedway one in mid-August and the second during the Brockville Ontario Fall Nationals.

For the 2021 season, Jessica is finally looking forward to getting the most out of their engine program helped along by Lafrance Performance and hopefully challenge for a championship. Last season, even though they managed to pick up two wins, the team really did get to use the full potential of what the car can deliver.

I asked Jessica what the team’s plans are for 2021, Jessica explains: “My plans right now are to race Brockville all season and likely Cornwall all season as well. If the border opens, our Friday plans may change. My biggest challenge at Cornwall, aside from the tough competition, has always been over adjustment come feature time. We had one mechanical failure last year at Cornwall which hurt us and, a couple of other nights, we just made the wrong tire choice. I’m hoping to continue my success at Brockville this year and hopefully, I can be more consistent at Cornwall. We have our GM crate motor under the hood, but new this year will be the Lafrance Performance Whistler carburetor, so we are looking forward to seeing how we can challenge the competition at Cornwall especially.”

Jessica would like to thank her sponsors. “I would like to thank Mobil One, Speedy, Greenshield Pest Control, Action Car & Truck, Enthuze, and Dash Lawncare Intergrow Greenhouses. We are always looking for more sponsors over the season which helps keep our racing program going to its fullest.”

If you would like to get on board with Jessica, she can be contacted at

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