Sportsman Championship chase heats up at Cornwall Speedway

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The Sportsman Championship at Cornwall Motor Speedway Is Heating as the Season Approaches the Halfway Mark

Shane Pecore, the one dominant factor within the top group, has captured six wins so far this season at the track, but there is still a lot of racing ahead to determine this year’s champion.

The 0 Team is clearly on a roll, and the small family enterprise is once again showing their talent at the track.

Shane explains: “So far the car is working very well and the set up has been bang on. We did, however, get some luck on our side during restarts after cautions, which played in our favor. But no matter what happens on the track whether being lucky or by having the better car that night, we will take the win.”

Ryan Stabler in the 77 car is currently sitting in second and has had some tough breaks so far this season. The car has been very competitive and, on some nights, has just outdone the competition repetitive?. But the cautions so far have gotten in the way of visiting victory lane this season.

“We definitely have a fast car this year and our race program basically is going very well. The main thing that has cost us has been the cautions along with the restarts. On two occasions, we had a very good lead on the pack, but in each of those times, we had a late race caution come into play. Yes, I could have had some better restarts but all in all, if we keep the consistency going, hopefully, it will pay off in the end.”

Thomas Cook in car 35 has really stepped up his game in the last few weeks, moving slightly ahead into third place over Moise Page in his number 66 car.

Cook, who has been working very hard on his race program, has had one of the fastest cars on the track in recent weeks and has said he is still looking to improve his race program in the weeks to come.

Moise Page is currently in the fourth position. Moise explains:

“We have had some tough breaks in the last few weeks. Definitely, we have had no luck this season at all, but I think if we can be constant, it will pay off. The way I look at it is if we can finish all the races, and stay out of trouble on the track, we will stay in the game.“

This team is always fast and, if they start getting some breaks along the way, they will be the ones to watch in the later part of the season.

Gabriel Cyr, who rounds off the top five, has been very constant this season and, if he stays on his game, Gabriel could have the best season yet for this young driver’s career.

The road to the Sportsman championship at Cornwall Speedway is still unfolding as the season moves forward. With the competition, so close, the dynamics of the points chase can change drastically in a matter of weeks. There still is no clear winner at this time and any of the top ten drivers could change the season’s championship outcome.

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